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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 26, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> greg: they ordered well-behaved kids. they ate them. >> kimberly: i hate that when that happens. isn't that cute? restaurant in washington. >> eric: we are paying parents to keep their kids -- >> kimberly: you know what? insensitive. >> eric: bob, i am no liberal snob bob. >> bob: i'm not. this is about the woman megan faud from lehigh university who sued the university for $1.5 million because she got a c-plus in a class. she thinks she has reason for it. i could have been a billionaire by the time i got out of college. this is going too far, even for me. that is out of sorts. >> greg: roll this.
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>> peace out. >> greg: yo mtv wraps in the 90s -- raps no longer exis exists. stop it. >> dana: middle aim i age is an insult. >> eric: i had one more thing. i was on vacation but i had pictures -- >> kimberly: we banned them. >> eric: it was picture of your wife. >> kimberly: in her bathing suit. >> eric: i do have a smoking hot wife. leave it there. see you tomorrow. peace out. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am
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known in kenya, president obama. let's go to tv's andy looy vee for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight satisfies show? >> seth macfarlane makes it through the show while avoiding any controversy. just kidding he is being called racist, anti-sametic and sexist and homophobic. and want to add in a bottle of soda when you on ready a pizza? if you live in new york city you will thought be able to. if you don't live in new york city, i commend on you your choice. and meatballs made of horse meat? some say yes and others say nay. greg? >> hour hay -- or hay as a sidedish? >> i will be here all week. >> i am not sure about that. >> we'll see jie. go away. let's welcome our guest. if thoughtful commentary were a cruiseship many couples would spend their honeymoon on her.
12:03 am contributor, great place, and he is so smart that mnsa takes tests to enter him, jaime weinstein. he is one of the authors of the e book "the lizard king." and in spain he is considered topous, bill schulz. and because i lost a bet, sitting next to me comedian paul mccurio. you can check him out as well as his lips on his pod cast on itunes called the paul mccurio show. how original. must have taken weeks to come up with that. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. but i wish it was the last. >> it was as quipy as it was tripy. seth macfarlane made some jokes and jennifer lawrence fell on some steps. and in between other stuff and things happened, the host's opening song was criticized for being sexist and
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inappropriate for kids. who cares? sexist and inappropriate for kids. >> ♪ we saw your boobs ♪ in the movie that we saw we saw your boobs ♪ ♪ meryl streep we saw them in "silk wood" ♪ >>- q. i that is no -- >> that is no james franco to be sure. after all of the add -- aderoyl was snorted in the bathroom, it is finally that youing. >> -- thawing. >> live from the white house, the first lady of the united states, michelle obama. >> thank you, jack. welcome to the white house, everyone. >> all right, the evening was crammed with many, many musical performances, but also during the oscars too. the biggest show stopper was the cast of le is s-mis --
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les-mis singing "one day more." >> that was actually place. those were a couple of the presenters, the college film makers. they had a little accident later, but we won't talk about that. they won't be returning to school anytime soon. let's talk about seth macfarlane as a host. were you outraged? medium outraged or super outraged? >> i wasn't outraged. i was a little distracted by his hair. if you are not called racist, homophobic and sexist then it is a fail hosting the oscars. >> he kicked every box. i liked the boobs thing and i thought the fake reaction thing in the audience they could have done better. did you find seth's jokes funny or did they fall flat
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like yours often do? >> well, tiny green giant, way to wear the same sweater you wore to "the five." you couldn't change? >> you can't just wander around the streets with a backpack like paul mccurio. my complaint about the boob song was he went too song -- he went to fast because i couldn't put it together. that was my big problem. >> that's you stop -- oh you don't have a tv. >> no, not under the bridge. no electricity. >> jaime, you were a political guy. first lady's appearance, was it stupid and pointless? or was it .ful? >> it was neither. it is exhausting to be outraged all the time. she is the first lady and theoretically she is supposed to be political. as long as she doesn't appear every year. >> i have to disagree. doesn't she have better things to do as the first lady like a
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push up challenge on jimmy fallon? >> okay. all right. we didn't need to see the first lady. she threw the brakes on the whole show. with her bangs and the dress, and she was surrounded by the imperial guard. >> why did she have military? >> she should have mentioned the fact that there were military there and made a nice statement about the military around the world. >> the minute i saw the military it is like "argo" is is getting -- the entire cast of" django unchained" ripped it open before they even opened it. >> bill, you won most stained pants at the vagrant awards. what did you think of the awards? did you watch them? >> i did watch them. i didn't want to, but i went against my ban of three years running of not watching them at all. >> you do actually watch the oscars, but they are a pair of men you met in the park. >> the oscars are a piano bar-type. >> and it is oscar with a k.
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>> go with jennifer lawrence. she entered zoe de chanel territory. that was a fake fall. she did that to seem reverend and real. i want to pinch her cheeks, but i hate the fact that she wants me to pinch her cheeks. she has done all of that with her little responses and her cute awkward dancing and all of that, it is all completely manufactured. i am on to you j-la and jude law had had that name first. >> kennedy i wanted to show uh clip of ben afflec and part of his accentance speech where he brings up his marriage. >> i want to thank my wife who i don't normally associate with iran, but i want to thank thank you for working on our marriage. for instance it is good. it is work, but it is the best kind of work. there is no one i would rather
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work with. >> try to ignore his incredibly oily face and focus on the fact that he is comparing his marriage to like a long-term construction project. >> this is so strange to me. she is waiting for the moment where she gets to be emotional and cry. she wanted to cry like, oh he is thanking me and i am so proud of him and i worked so hard. he has been to rehab so many times. >> he was more passionate about canada than his marriage. >> that is so passive aggressive. either your wife is a tire so many boob and this is a guy engaged to j-lo. he is no stranger to high maintenance. >> marriage is like a sweat shot to him without the fun five-minute lunch breaks. >> maybe i will just put this out there. there are legal stimulants. people take something and they say what is on their mind, and the next day they wake up and they go it is not a hangover. it is called linguistic hangovers. you wake up and say, holy
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crap, what did i say? >> whatever you said i agree with. >> was he being honest, bill? i can't tell between the sweaters. >> we are bothearing brown sweaters. >> two negatives about the marriage? >> it is the prelude to a divorce. six months from now when "variety" comes out they are splitting up we saw it coming. this is not the appropriate place. >> can i say something real quick? the only thing worse than having someone forget to thank you at the academy awards is having somebody say being married to you is work. she would have been able to forgive him if he had forgotten to thank her. he would have been like, i am sorry, are you so top of mind i don't think about you. >> but he mentioned her and mentioned the marriage and she just signed him to another 10 christmas deals. the thing i had a problem with him is he concocted or his people concocted this downtrodden guy that bounced
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back -- well he had a couple of bad movies and a bad marriage, but huey was making $10 million or $15 million a movie. that was the part of this i didn't really like. >> and he gave advice to dean moore for giving. i have taken that to heart. >> and don't hold a grudge? you know he was talking about matt damon. >> but it is validation. "goodwill hunting" and even seth macfarlane has made fun of it because he just added his name to the script and it was just matt damon. >> can i play the highlight of my evening? i think i have another highlight too. >> here are the nominees for achievement and make up and hair styling, "les miserables." >> they just ruin these highlights by putting women in them.
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it is ridiculous. you have this channing tatum and then you put this woman, this monster in with him, and it is is -- the other thing that bugged me were men with hair. the unusual hair. they all look like january brady if she was put through a shrinkingen apple machine. we have a few here. it is like franken furner from "rocky horror." these are amazing. i think we have another one. do we have another one? >> oh yes u. >> that was andy accepting an award when he worked at the academy. >> wasn't he married to gina davis? >> i think he was married to cher for about a year and that didn't work out. bill, you are the expert ever -- the expert of weird hair. what is the trend? >> everyone needs to look like a bit player in cosmic goo-goo. >> nelson. >> that's right.
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>> you are just jealous because you are losing yours. >> are you kidding me? i have beautiful hair. when people grow their hair long it is the fear of losing it. that's why they lose it. >> it is guys from the 60s who are still locked into that era. >> do you think they were from the 60s? >> they were from sweden. >> technically if you grew up in the 60s you are now in the 60s. you were a product of the 60s and you are in the 60s. right? >> it is great you know basic math. >> of course for me sunday's ceremony was just one long reminder of the caw loss sal numbering of the art film of a generation known as "magic mike" which received the number in every -- the snub in every major category. not one win. but not all is lost. happily the previous night's independent spirit awards presented matthew mcconaghey with the best support actor award for the strip club
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owner, dallas. as a result we return to "red eye" mcconaghey response. we haven't heard from you in quite some time. >> hello, greg. >> did you and matt have a falling out? >> we didn't. we are stronger than ever, greg. i'm glad you asked. that's a good looking question. >> a good licking question? >> a good looking question. >> that's when you ask him what he is doing afterwards. >> was he offended by the lack of "magic mike" love? >> it is an academy of mc mcconahaters. he should be mad about the snub. he spent three hours in a hotel room alone with a man. it took three hours to write this one-minute song and he was snubbed for it. it was nice a taller, stouter, manlier version of matthew mcconaghey won that night. >> who was that?
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>> adele, the britain belle, greg. >> you are talking about the song matthew sang in the movie, and i think it is called "ladies of tampa." he wasn't even invited to siping it. it is -- to sing it. it is probably the song of the year. >> absolutely. 1k3* let me tell you something about the movie. the original script didn't have him striping in the movie, greg. can you imagine auditioning matthew mcconaghey and not having his abs front and center on camera? >> that is so true. >> that's more appalling than the snub. >> it is, really. didn't see him at the ceremony. did that anger you because you would have been his plus 1 or plus fun? >> that's a great play on words, but he was out at the independent spirit awards, greg. you know the spirit awards don't start until 10:00 in the evening. we were out at the spirit awards, out all night celebrating his victory and, you noy, frankly we didn't even see the academy. not that we needed to.
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they were terrible. >> they really were. channing tatum, are they friends in real life? please say yes. >> they are. and part of the song of "ladies of tampa" let me read you a verse from this. you dpot me tied to a -- you go the me tied to a chain. on it a slave to your soul and there ain't nothing i can do about it. where do you think he came up with it, greg? this is about us. this is about me and chanum. >> this is art imitating life. >> i like how you shortened channing tatum to chanum. >> that's what i do. >> any final thoughts? >> no, not really. it is great to be back with you. >> so i can't believe we haven't brought up the idea of the "magic mike" sequel which will be called the crack addix, a-d-d-i-x.
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>> as long as it is not "imagine nick --" magic mike" number 2. >> and magic mike, live and let thigh. and magic mike road to no hair. >> we have to go. thank you to matthew mcconaghey for coming down here and looking wonderful as always. from oscars to ali. yes it was a historic weekend for a woman athlete who competed in a traditionally male sport and showed that she belonged among the elite. i am talking about rhonda rowsey who won the first women's. she won her previous mixed martial arts bout, but the world's largest mma league was
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for men only. ripped, shredded muscular men and that ended as the main event in front of a sellout crowd in front of hundreds of you thousands of pay per view customers. and john gibson is staging fights in his backyard. >> it is so funny. he climbs into that little thing and pretends he is not there, and then takes it all in. it is a beautiful thing. is this a bigger deal than danica patrick? this is a woman fighting and not driving a car around in circles. >> really, what does it take to put your foot on an accelerator? danica patrick is the big pole
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dancer, so good for her. but have i to say mma is better for women's faces than traditional boxing. i prefer traditional boxing and not an mma fan. it is a chance for guys to sit on top of each other to grupt -- grint and writh. but there is something about wrestling that is better for women's noses. for that i approve. it is strange because women who participate in ufc are beautiful. >> you thought that woman walking in was beautiful? are those glasses working? >> i'm sorry. i thought you were heterosexual? >> i'm sorry. she is ugly as sin. >> wow! >> i didn't think they were ugly. >> i thought kamush was lovely, but the first one -- i have to check downstairs to see what is going on. >> paul is a male model judging by his looks. >> you are a four and a half.
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>> you get beat up by women all the time which is probably why you have this attitude. do you like watching women fight? >> well, look, i think it is an inspiration for mixed martial artists and reconstructive surgeons everywhere. this woman beats people in three minutes. finally finishing in three minutes is a good thing to a woman. i don't know. i would rather see boxing. mma is like a little -- it is like street fighting -- for me it is a little too -- >> it is not gay enough. >> well, you know what it is, they have -- if they were naked it would be better. >> do we have to pay to watch women fight when you can just watch "cops"? >> or go to a frat house and is watch women mud wrestle. i know it is a sexist statement to make, and i concede that they can beat me up in a fight, but fortunately they will go after him before me. i don't want to see women fight whether it is boxing or mixed martial arts.
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>> bill, i can't go to you because i only have 30 seconds. >> i don't like the arm bar. >> it is interesting to watch, but i am not used to it. maybe i will be at some point. is there a comedic equivalent of child abuse? paul mccurio has a joke. first, what is next for the two liter bottle of soda? probably waiting tables. hang in, there two liter bottle.
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is this the kota on big
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soda? michael bloomburg's war has claimed another 2 liter bottle of coke with pizza deliveries. under the new york city mayor's new rules, restaurants can't serve or sell sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. so instead they will sell smaller bottles costing people more cash and increasing plastic trash. likewise a kid friendly party places like chuck-e-cheese and bill's room covered in good 16 ounces are also illegal. it has even reached the city zoos. >> i do not want to know how he was trained to do that. i'm sure it wasn't very pretty. kennedy, anybody with a third of a brain like bloomburg
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would know that a two liter bottle is not just for one person. it is actually for a family. when you order a large pizza you get the two liter bottle. when will this madness end? >> it is insane. he is creating an entire region of anorexic and filling up the landfills on their skinny carcasses. he is making everyone so self-conscious about their bodies that everyone is going to be binging, and there will be no purging. i fear for the new yorkers that are now going to be roaming the streets. >> clubs that don't let you in often have bottle service. now they won't be able to do that anymore because they have sugary mixers. >> and champagne. >> it is ridiculous. it is not like people are going to start drinking pomegranate juice with their meat lover's pizza. and this debate is getting more talk than the gun control debate. it seems like people are more upset about issues of fat in this city than gun control.
12:27 am
it is ridiculous. >> jaime, last time i checked, two liter bottles are not pushing people in front of subways. why doesn't he focus on the crazy people? >> i can understand the difficult decisions you make between freedom and security sometimes, but not between freedom and two liter sodas. there is nothing this man does president think he can justify by saying it is in the public interest. he is one of the most dangerous politicians and they should be thankful he is not running for office. >> pretty soon you will not be able to fillet and roast the nutria. >> by the way, nutria is a scary animal. it is a medium-sized rat. >> medium sized? those things #r* honkin. >> i was comparing them to new york rats which are pretty big. >> these bottles are your portable bathrooms. how will bloomburg's ban affect you? >> badly, apparently. >> i feel a lot of these questions you already answered.
12:28 am
>> the winner here is the group that sells the things where you make your own soda. this is exactly what happened when you roll your own cigarettes. when bloomburg put the tax on, everybody looked like travolta in "pulp fiction." we are a culture in this city of do it yourselfers. we are a make your own poison that goes from soda. they will do moonshine next. moonshine will be next. >> people will spend more money on soda now which means more tax which means take the money bloomburg and widen the seats on the subway because i don't president what to sit -- >> did you hear bill though? they will make their own 2 liter sodas now, the do it yourselfers. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something, particularly to paul mccurio while he is asleep. click on submit a video. he doesn't even have to be asleep.
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still to come, the half time report from andy levy, worthless sack of -- >> you have lint on your sweat are. >> the portable medium used to store data including pictures, programs and music. thanks compact disk.
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we are back.
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to tv's andy levy. >> before we talk about what you may have gotten wrong, i want to talk about what happened earlier today on some other show you were a guest on or something this afternoon. >> you mean "the five." >> don't know. you were a guest on the show, and you were talking about the big wreck that happened on saturday at daytona. >> right. >> and frankie, can we roll the clip? >> the big culprit here is plate racing. isn't that what is it is? restricter plates keeping the cars from excessive speeds to keep them at 200 miles an hour or a little more and that causes the cars to travel in packs. if you travel in packs and somebody gets screwed up it results in these ugly pile ups. >> not to say i saw that clip and i thought, wow, greg sounds unusually cogent. >> yes, yes. >> did not realize you were a huge racing fan. >> you know, i dabble. something interests me and
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maybe you would think i am not interested, it is a matter of an hour and i can get really into it and get up to speed almost as though i know what i am talking about. it was all on my own and no help. >> i would buy that story, except i thought back and remembered at 1:00 this afternoon when you said to me, andy, what happened at daytona on saturday? >> i was just -- no, but i was talking about afterwards what happened. what was going on. >> it was weird. what you said on that show was almost exactly what i said to you. >> well, i was trying to see if our stories would match. i already had my story, and that's why i came to you. i asked you what you thought. that's how i was able to -- >> that's weird because if i didn't know better i would think you were typing as i was saying that. >> well, i was -- you know, i
12:35 am
was writing an e-mail to my family while that was go osmght i am like a little offended by that. >> you are going to bring up your family? >> it is a little weird you are getting into this territory now. >> oscars. kennedy, if you are not called racist and homophobic you failed. >> yes. >> if you win an emmy, a grammy an oscar and a tony, mcfarland won the rash, racist anti-uh set set -- anti-sametic and homo homophobic in one night. >> double high five. >> but "red eye" has had a rash for six years. >> that's true. it is a different thing though. >> and all of the gold bond in the world will not help that chafe. >> gold bond is kind of overrated. >> it is great. >> it gets in the wrong place it is fire in the hole, but it is a good thing. >> what does that mean, bill? >> it is another nascar
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thing. >> jaime, i agree with you that the first lady announcing the best picture is nothing to get outraged about. but kennedy, i agree with you that a telecast perspective i thought it was awkward. >> and boring. it put the brakes on the whole thing. and jack nicholson, news flash, he is crazy. the glasses are like way up here. hello. >> it wasn't his glasses. it was what was underneath them. he has more columbia than actual columbia and gaked out of his brains i assume. >> allegedly. >> i don't know what he is talking about. >> as in you just alleged it. >> i think he visited washington and colorado on the plane before the telecast. >> paul you said the minute you saw the military personnel behind the first lady you knew "argo" had won, but you understand they didn't know that? >> i have a funny feeling they did. >> you are wrong. >> how do you know they didn't? >> because.
12:37 am
>> are you an insider to washington? >> i worked for the academy and i understand how it works. only the price water house cooper people know who won. the envelopes are sealed and they are not -- until they are opened nobody knows who won. end of story. there is no point arguing this. i just stated a fact and not an opinion. >> why does the military have to be there? >> my guess is the obamas were hosting an oscars party and were kind enough to invite military personnel. to be at the party and serve as props when she goes on tv. >> i didn't like the taxpayers seeing all of that. >> that's fine. >> you know that. >> i do know that. >> how? >> because it is a fact. >> you can't just say -- all right. >> i can say it is a fact if it is a fact. if i say two plus two is four and you say how do you know that?
12:38 am
>> paul is asking questions. >> greg, i feel really uncomfortable right now. >> this happens all the time when they are on together and frankly there is nothing we can do about it except pray that nobody gets hurt. >> just enjoy the ride. >> bill, you said you are done with jennifer lawrence and you went on a little rant. and we will talk about that after the show and then i will beat the crap out of you. first i want to play a crip after the show. a clip after the show. >> what was the process? i woke up and tried on the dress and it fit thank god. and then i took a shower and -- i don't know what i was -- that's what i did. then i got my hair and make up done and i came to the oscars. i'm sorry. i did a shot before i -- >> pure delight. >> that was so refreshing. >> oh you are an idiot. >> she is so real. >> bill, there tha was pure delight. >> did she just admit to doing
12:39 am
a shot on tv? >> that is not an opinion. you can't argue with me. >> you know what. i bet she wears vintage clothing when she is not wearing that jay she is adorable. >> shooy is from louisville, kentucky and i bet she did a shot of beam. >> i can't stand zoe de chanel and her constant rolling of her eyes upward to show -- but i do think that jennifer lawrence is a sweet woman and i enjoyed "winter's bone." >> she is the anti-anne hathaway. everything you see is genuine. >> anne hathaway is real about being silly. i believe that is the way she is. this is all a facad. >> i am so sick of actresses sobbing in their -- oh i can't believe it. >> she sacrifices for her art. did you know that was her real hair she cut? unbelievable. >> did you all really think ben affleck's speech was bad? >> i liked it. >> i thought it was rm
12:40 am
charming. >> it was thought cynical. >> it was riddled with something. >> really? >> are you ritlin right now? >> who wouldn't? if you have a prescription for it and you are in a four-hour event, what else -- >> you don't have to justify what you do every day. >> i don't use it. >> i just felt there was an undertone of like i sort of made it back from the abyss and -- i just think for an average person who is like delivering ice cream and -- in freezing cold weather it is like, shut up. you have had a good life up to that point. >> oh a fact or opinion? >> it is an opinion. >> is it two plus two -- >> but not a false opinion. the thing is the whole thing with him bouncing back it is not a reference to the fact he hasn't been successful. he made a ton of money. but his reputation, he is a punch line. >> he was the only one during the entire broadcast -- >> you are the most interrupty
12:41 am
person in the world. >> never mind. >> now you pissed him off. >> worst part of the show for me the jaws playoff music. i thought that was mean. >> quinten tarantino was out of his mind as well. i tweeted that cousin eddie just won because that's what it looked like. i don't know why they called it hamburger helper. >> they should have used the jaws playoff movie during the russell crowe solo. that was painful. >> and craig i will be using that picture with me with the long hair. that's going to be my twitter of a vaw tar when i get home. ufc holds first woman's fight. kennedy you said if danica patrick, what does it take to put your foot on the accelerator. it is a lot more than you snobby american. >> i had a kawasaki kx100. i did motorcross for a longtime. >> you think this is a bigger
12:42 am
deal than danica? obviously danica was doing what she was doing side by side with men where the women are still segregated. >> you changed my mind. until such a pushover -- i am such a pushover. >> are you advocating having the women fight the men? >> no. >> bill, i am with you on the arm bar thing. >> i don't even like hearing the words. i have gotten sensitive in my old age and i can't look at an old theismann clip and i can't think of that. >> it is the only time you hear the word bar and are not excited. >> arm bar sounds like a wonderful persian name. >> i am done apparently. >> that was fast. go away, andy. coming up, anne hathaway's nipples do a point, counter point debate on last night's winners and losers. what is the mystery meat in
12:43 am
ikea's swedish meatballs. you ride it and it is a horse. i said too much.
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did they give a hoot about the pursuit? i speak of jaw let -- gillette. they have angered some consumers who say they encourage, quote, prejudice against i hairy men. they should shave their chest to make their girlfriends happy. men who don't shave are beheaded. the committee is looking into the gripes from these obviously sensitive hairy men. let's discuss. >> kennedy, when did the hairless men become so desirable? what happened to society. what happened to the vaw -- to the varility of a hairy man.
12:47 am
>> it is suddenly offensive. i want a man to look like a giant terrier. i want fur brimming from every luscious curve. they are the people who worry they only like anorexics. i present kate upton and john stocil. >> i wonder why he would say john stocil. >> they are very lucky. >> jaime, you would think brazil would embrace body shaving, and i don't know why i even ask that. >> it is obviously another interest group. people like to complain so they found another thing to complain about. it will keep some people happy to do that. god bless them. >> start unbuttoning your shirt and showing your chest hair. >> you know what, you are proving a point that hairlessness is a good thing. >> that's what i am saying. i am being to think that
12:48 am
hairlessness is a good thing. >> i didn't know you could use hair for men for chest hair. >> want to know something funny? the brazilian, the process has eradicated pubic lice. >> i know. we decided we can't do those stories and then people say are you doing stores on pubic lice. you get a brazilian every friday. how does the culture view hairlessness? >> how does brazil have an issue with hair, period? i assume after all of the waxing and shaving they have done over the years they have an inability to grow hair, period. they are drawing in their eyebrows like whoopi goldberg should. i have a feeling they are all hairless. >> you do understand that evolution takes millions of years? >> it sometimes can be quicker than that. sometimes you can evolve over a break. >> i hope that is the case with mccurio. we have to take a break. when we come back, we will talk about something. i want to talk about the
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meatballs made of horse. and buy "joy of hate." if you haven't bought it yet you are not a friend of mine. autograph copy g
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all right. swedish furniture giant ikea, is there any other kind, has
12:53 am
been forced to remove meatballs from its stores. there is a joke in there. following a report that they contained horse meat, officials of the czech republic said they detected horse dna in two-pound packs of meatballs that were labeled as beef and pork. the meatballs were shipped to 12 different european countries as well as the territory known as france. no word from sarah jessica parker. >> oh god. >> i know, kennedy. to paul first because he is the meatball at the table. if you are going to buy meatballs aren't you kind of rolling the dice? >> a little bit. this is pretty distressing. all of america has to resolve itself to getting its gourmet foods at raymore and flanagan. why are you surprised? it is a furniture store. >> that's true. could the meatballs also be in the furniture? and like the furniture would that meatball fall apart? >> it takes a longtime to pout
12:54 am
together. but i don't see why people are so squimish about horse meat. horses are more aggressive and faster than cows. if you are talking about evolution, we should be designed to want to eat horse because it is harder to get, and it can be very is up pell and delicious. supple and delicious. what you will eat the cow and not the horse? >> are you worried there might be horse meat here or do you care? >> i do care and americans care. this topic interests me so i looked it up and read more on horse meat. in europe a lot of people eat horse meat. it is cheaper than beef. italy is the prime place. in europe this is not as big a deal as it is here. >> that means when i travel i have probably eaten horse meat. no wonder british meat is terrible. it is all horse. i never thought to check it. >> have you ever heard of mad horse disease? it is safer. >> but it is not an animal you
12:55 am
feel you should be eating. it is like a dog. something about it. >> you shouldn't be eating something you ride. >> like your girlfriend? >> that's a joke that shouldn't have been said. >> you slept overnight in many eye key -- ikeas. are there many things we should know about? >> meat is meat is meat. if it is prepared correctly and if it has the right p topping, anything is good on off the bone. only one animal could be refused is the slow horse. they are too adorable. >> you you can't eat a slow loris because it emits a poison from the elbows. >> you would be past the point of poison and i'm sure it is as delicious as it is cute. >> you know how funny evolution is? they are the most adorable creature on the planet because they are slow loris because
12:56 am
they are so slow. that's why they emit a poison off their body. when you want to hug it or eat it it kills you. it doesn't even know it is deadly. yes, i know i am adorable. here they come. and then everybody dies. what a strange story i told. not even sure if any of it is true. >> i think it is true. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up from tv's andy levy. fox eye.
12:57 am
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>> i will be back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time for a little show that we like to call "the five." coming up tomorrow on "red eye" return appearances from jonathon hunt. he is on the left. remi spe


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